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I am a jewelry designer; an artist; a magpie--I love collecting colorful & sparkling materials to create beautiful jewelry; and I own The Magpie's Treasure, LLC, which features my unique, handcrafted jewelry designs.


Are you a jewelry or art lover? Do you wonder what really goes on in an oh-so-mysterious jewelry artist’s studio?... Then put on a work apron and follow me!

In this blog, I’ll give you a virtual tour of my studio where I create jewelry for The Magpie's Treasure, LLC. I'll also share some news about the day-to-day goings on at my workbench.

Are you a creative soul looking for inspiration? This is where you'll find tales of my art-related adventures; encounters with other artists; and links to podcasts, books, magazines, and other resources that have fanned my creative flames. I hope this will stoke the embers of your imagination, too!

If you happen to be in Northern Virginia, this blog will also give you some ideas about places that you can visit to find art & inspiration.

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